Church History

Jun 18, 09:33 pm

In reading 12 books Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava takes us through their lines to realize that you can actually achieve this evolution we were talking, it is feasible that change with holistic education and that the seed he is planted in each of his readers, is beginning to bear fruit, each in its sphere of development and that little low vision will be realized. Evolution of Education. The author Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava explains in his books and through time have presented different paradigms with regard to education, vision 400 years ago the world was predominantly focused on the dogmatic Catholic Church who was in charge world this since the Middle Ages to the seventeenth century. The explanations were given about life is based on dogma, tradition, authority and faith. The Church was in charge of everything including education, who complied with its rules ensured that he was on track. The change began when he criticizes the dogmatic paradigm begins to emerge a scientific view - mechanistic.

The church began to lose strength and only stayed in charge of religious affairs, in the seventeenth century begins a transition to an education based on science, his vision was of a scientific, this was anything but put aside what focused on human and what could be tracked to verify theory. But in none of the two previous paradigms, human beings manage to evolve their consciousness. During the twentieth century, education began to emerge integral type with a holistic vision, and during this century, such education begins to salvage the best education and best of dogmatic science education, creating a theoretical education but with a human side, on the central axis spirit.
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