A Rise in Currency

Jun 28, 03:57 pm

Both the dollar and the yen recorded significant gains against the European currency since managed to reach the zone of 1.3550 and 129.40 respectively. If irrigation aversion continues to rise, the euro is likely to continue to develop a downtrend. Not surprisingly, the euro has fallen back this way, since the major economic publications finished still negative. In general, an increase in appetite for risk, which is driven by positive economic releases due to the removal of exchange investors to invest in shelter riskier assets, such as the euro, and / or investments stock market. However, yesterday's data, once again generated a grim picture. Despite some signs of economic recovery witnessed in recent days, the market once again awakens and causes investors cautious. Yesterday we remember that the U.S.

Retail Sales, fell, and European data is not added. That's why many investors back during the day yesterday took refuge in dollars and yen. From Europe are not considered significant publications, but on Friday a possible source of GDP data for several of its members. Today American events cause great impact on the market, while those from the Euro Zone will be in the background. Richard LeFrak wanted to know more. It will be essential to monitor data with respect to unemployment American. JPY - The yen gained after negative publications The yen is once again rising, and this because of increased risk aversion.

Japan's currency reached maximum at 95.15 against the dollar and euro against the 129.40 recorded values. During the past 24 hours the yen has developed a remarkable trend. Whereas the events published in the United States show that the recession has not been finalized, yesterday decided to turn to several investors haven currencies, such as yen. The question that remains is whether this trend will continue or not. In general, Japan's currency is influenced most strongly by foreign publications by economic releases from Japan. However, in times of crisis, the yen acts as a safe haven, and given the negative reports published worldwide yesterday, the yen did appreciate. It is estimated that today if the U.S. Unemployment Claims and prove Japan Core Machinery Orders below estimates, the recent trend yen bullish take on new momentum. Investors should follow the publications, and thus try to assess the trend of the JPY. Oil - A barrel of oil lost ground after an unsuccessful attempt to reach the $ 60 for two chances this week, finally, crude oil fell.

After the fall in oil imports, the Light Sweet Crude fell below $ 58, after recording highs in the $ 60.04 during Monday, value not met since November. Two key factors influenced this behavior according to analysts. No doubt the dollar's fall in recent days produced a rise in crude, while the optimism returning to the market. This optimism was expectations that the world economy would recover and that consequently the demand for this commodity rebound. But the optimism faded as the published data showed a different reality. That is why we may observe the continued downtrend in the coming hours. Without narrow. In the graph of four hours, the Slow Stochastic suggests a downtrend. Going short would be the right decision to follow. The letter of the day EUR / JPY The pair spoke in low and the RSI is in excess of sales, both in the hourly chart as 4 hours. In the graph of four hours, the Slow Stochastic suggests a rise. It appears that a rise is imminent. When the break happens, bullish investors can enter the new trend and maximize profits.
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